GIMAP DNA Stool Test

GIMAP DNA Stool Test


 Digestion is the most important healing priority because when it’s not optimal, a cascade of downstream detrimental effects are created that can lead to a plethora of health issues. Many conditions can be linked to digestion.

 This test provides an enormous amount of accurate information and It’s the only true way to know if there is a dysbiosis - imbalance of good, bad, and commensal bacteria, or an  infection - bacterial, parasite, yeast/fungus, viral and worms in your digestive system - like the stomach, small intestine, liver, gall-bladder, pancreas, and large intestine.

 3. It’s the best way to determine if there’s a functional issue, meaning the capacity to digest has been impaired, and it’s ability to repair has been damaged.

4. It uses DNA sequencing analysis to assess health benefits or disease risks from microorganisms that inhabit your GI tract.  This is above and beyond culturing or microscopy that can miss up to 50% of bacterial species.


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