MRT170 Food Sensitivity Blood Test

MRT170 Food Sensitivity Blood Test


MRT is an indirect method of accurately measuring mediator release.


MRT does this by measuring changes in the liquids to solids ratio of your blood after your blood has been exposed and incubated with the test substance. It accounts for all reactions by your immune cells. This is done as an indicator that your immune cells have released chemical mediators such as histamines and others.


Significant reactions are broken into either R​eactive(Red), ​or​ Moderately Reactive (Yellow)​categories and insignificant reactions (Green)​ are placed in the Low-Reactive category. All measurements are made using the most accurate method of measurement (Ribbon technology) currently available.


You will receive instructions after you have purchased the test and we have completed a 20 minute initial free consultation. 


    For additional information about the MRT test, visit Oxford Biomedical Technologies



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    Opened and / or used supplements can not be accepted due to WA State COVID-19 regulations.  


    Same day USPS shipping is available if purchased before noon.  Otherwise, next day priority.  

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