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Big announcement!

In the event you haven't already heard the news, I left my teaching position at Black Hills High School in August and am pursuing nutritional therapy full time.

I guess eating avocados has really paid off! LOL!

Since 2017, I have provided private individual and group nutritional therapy sessions and classes such as RESTART® at Tanasse Chiropractic in Tumwater. Last year, I began working at the Family Medicine Clinic with Michelle Warner, ARNP, two afternoons a week. In August, Michelle bought a retiring doctor's practice and opened her new practice, Evergreen Family Practice last month.

Just a few weeks ago, I also began working at Complete Women's Health Care two days a week and am very impressed with the the amazing team of nurse practitioners and staff there. I work with everyone and anyone, but find myself specializing in diabetes nutrition, weight management, autoimmune disorders, and microbiome health and gut issues.

At some point in the near future, I plan on providing nutritional therapy at all three locations, in addition to evening group classes such as emotional eating, cooking, and the RESTART® sugar detox class.

Here's my schedule right now:



Michelle Warner, ARNP

205 Lilly Road NE A1

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

8:30 - 5:00 p.m.


Complete Women's Health Care


​Julie Dybbro, ARNP

Michelle Harriage, ARNP

Amber Campbell, ARNP

Morgan Dirlam, ARNP

200 Lilly Road NE B2

Tuesday and Friday

9:00 - 5:00


Now that I work in a medical office, patients can see me through their health insurance and it's covered! Every company has different parameters, so definitely check your insurance to see how many visits are covered, copay, co-insurance, etc. I am aware that some insurance companies provide more visits for diabetic patients and those with BMI of 30+.

There are other great benefits as well such as access to stool analysis and food allergy tests which can be ordered by the provider for such conditions as SIBO, H pylori infection, parasites, colitis, gluten intolerance, etc. These are incredibly helpful and are also covered by insurance if ordered through LabCorp.

Partnering with a medical provider such as a nurse practitioner is a great approach to 21st century healthcare. We take the team approach to your well being and really listen to your health concerns and formulate a plan that not only includes nutrition education but also takes the other factors in your healthy lifestyle into account - such as stress management, daily physical activity, hydration, sleep, and other health conditions that may be managed with medications.

Don't hesitate to reach out with questions! I'd be happy to work with you as a patient at either location.

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