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6 session Digestive Wellness Package

Consultations only.  Doesn't include supplements or tests.



Initial Consultation 


  • Review detailed health history, Intake questionnaire and previous test results (if applicable)


  • Identify and order functional lab tests - GIMAP stool test and MRT170 food sensitivity test

  • Develop a detailed plan for preparing and completing testing.  


All lab testing is provided at wholesale price.

  • Create an interim healing protocol, including diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations with a focus on symptom management and supporting systems of the body while we wait for test results.

  • Detailed written session notes including recommendations and next steps.


Duration:  90 minutes



Results and Recommendations


  • Review and interpret all lab test results together - separate  appointments for each test result is required.  


  • Detailed written explanation and summary of test results, recommendations and next steps.


  • Detailed written unique personalized healing protocol based on test results and previous health history - prepared before, and finalized during your session.

  • Detailed recommendations on diet, lifestyle strategies and other modalities available to support healing.

  • Comprehensive and holistic natural supplement protocol to address any gut infections or overgrowths, as well as GI function or other healing opportunities identified through testing.


Duration:  90 minutes for each test



3 Monthly Follow-up support appts


  • Review progress and any changes in symptoms.

  • Refine and update your protocol to reflect where you’re at in your healing journey.

  • Ongoing education around diet, lifestyle, supplements, and lifestyle strategies.

  • Identify & order any additional or follow up testing as required.

  • Update written report with nutritional recommendations and next steps.







Duration:  90 minutes

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