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About Carole

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I took the Restart program and it was a challenge because Thanksgiving was a part of that period. The program was educational with a lot of fun and support. I did it! I like the program because:
1. Carole Layton (instructor)  is knowledgeable and a talented teacher. 
2. The material is simple and well organized. 
3. A wonderful cook book was provided. 
4. The group was very friendly and supportive. 

Now I feel better, eat less sugar, weigh less. I recommend this class to people who are addicted to sugar and want to conquer that craving. 

Lucy Kosinskaya, Lacey, WA

January 2022

Carole  helped me create a wonderful evening for me and some very dear friends.  Our gathering reverberated with laughter, flavor, and reflection on the role that food had, has, and could have in our lives.  Shared stories and shared food are the bases for wonderful relationships, and Carole’s recipes were delicious, thoughtful, and easy to make.  What’s more, she listened and offered insightful new perspectives on how to harness the healing power of great food.  I would definitely recommend engaging Carole’s services for your own gathering.

Tina Wagner, Olympia, WA 

September 2021


I will continue on the RESTART program for the rest of my life - no sugar, healthy fats, lots of organic vegetables, blueberries.  I liked the entire RESTART program.  It gave me a plan to follow, and it worked.  I feel LOTS better and I have lost 30 pounds without dieting.  Amazing, right?  It was a "god send' for me.  You are an amazing NTP.  My blood tests were wonderful according to my Naturopath and MD. 

T. Lowe, Olympia

July 2020


Carole Layton is an outstanding nutritional therapy practitioner. I found Carole to be extremely professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of nutritional health. I was impressed by the extreme care she took in analyzing my nutritional survey results. She was able describe (in language I could understand) how my body was reacting to the foods I was eating and always took the time to explain my survey results in great detail. When she began to counsel me, I had many areas of growth. She always had new educational literature and recipes for me to try; this made me feel like she was always thinking of me and I wasn’t just another patient.


Additionally, Carole provided me with guidance to help my body function to its maximum capacity using food and not medications. To do this, she helped me banish my sugar addiction and start eating new and healthier meals that incorporate meat, vegetables, and healthy animal fat. I am now more in-tune with my body and how it reacts to foods. I am also performing at higher levels than ever when I work out.

K. Martin, Olympia

January 2019

I'm glad you are here!

I am a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and am very excited to help  you on your path to wellness.  

Your body is an amazing machine and if you are ready to experience the powerful transformation that eating a nutrient dense, whole foods diet can provide, you are in the right place.

Understanding the value and importance of nutrition is one of my core values, and we will work together to identify foods that aren't working for your body and introduce foods that heal, nourish, and replenish your body with the nutrients you need to be your best self.


My Story

Growing up, I suffered from severe asthma and allergies, dermatological and digestive issues and have seen a wide variety of doctors, naturopaths, dermatologists, etc. to address my health issues, none of them addressed the root of the problem - a lifetime of the standard American diet.  

I have experienced the power of healing foods by switching to a nutrient dense, whole food diet.  My hormones are in balance, sugar cravings eliminated, I sleep better, and  have more sustained energy throughout the day.  Through this new skill set and properly prepared, nutrient dense whole foods diet, I have been able to stop taking my prescription medications, and will never look back.

My Credentials


  • Certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner  (FNTP) since 2017 at Titan Health Care - 2612 Yelm Hwy 

  • Certified RESTART Instructor

  • Certified Finally Free / Emotional Eating Workshop Instructor

  • Certified Restorative Wellness Solutions Practitioner Level 1: Digestive Wellness, and Level 2:  Hormones. 

  • Proud public school educator for 25 years.  

  • Master in Teaching from the Evergreen State College

Thank you Dr. Wolfson, for endorsing my services.

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