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The 5 best organic vegetables @ the Olympia Farmer's Market this week

Have you been to the Farmer's Market yet this season? if not, it's high time you took a trip. There's plenty of freshly harvested, beautiful produce calling your name. Browse the stands, see what's available at each one, check prices if you want (they were all comparable).

Value = priceless.

I did a quick jaunt through the market and stopped at these 4 stands. If I missed your favorite, or your business, my apologies. It was crowded (as usual) and I was short on time. These are also in no particular order.


Kirsop Farm logo

Recently moved from it's Tumwater location to Rochester, Kirsop Farm is a CSA along with many of the farms represented @ the market. Click on the link if you're curious about the benefits and advantages of joining a CSA. Kirsop has some beautiful and tasty daikon radishes (center) as well as flavorful hakurei salad turnips. Slice like a radish into your salads, throw the tops in with your favorite greens. I thought the greens tasted a little like mustard - nice balance with lettuce/spinach. Next week they should also have sugar snap peas.

Rising River Farm logo

Rising River had lovely bags of greens, two varieties of kale (not too large), fragrant dill, and one of my very favorite spring only vegetables - garlic scapes. They are the flower bud of the garlic plant and are removed about this time of year to encourage bulb growth. They taste exactly like garlic and can be used in all recipes that call for garlic. I especially like using them in pesto and soups, and will grill them tonight for dinner. Jennifer actually has a recipe for garlic scape pesto on the Rising River website. Check it out!

Callipe Farm Logo

Calliope Farm had the largest variety of produce, and the shining stars of their stand this week - fennel and kohlrabi (in the basket together bottom right). The fennel was smaller than I've seen before which means it will likely be sweeter and more flavorful. The kohlrabi were beautifully shaped, and also not too large. Kohlrabi are chock-full of minerals and vitamins and I will be sure to devote a future blog post to sing their praises. Their carrots were like fingerlings (adorable!) and Erin told me they would likely have larger carrots in next week.


Humble Stump Farm from Shelton has a nice variety of colorful produce this week - new this week, gorgeous carrots. They had beautiful pea and sunflower shoots - $4/bag. I haven't explored the wonderful world of shoots as much as I would like, but can definitely vouch for their entry into your salad. A simple dressing like lemon juice and olive oil are all you really need to appreciate the full flavor and health benefits of these super easy to grow micro greens. Coming next week: sugar snap peas!


Honestly, I pinch myself every time I go to the market. I feel extremely fortunate to have this amazing collection of local farmers, ranchers, artists, and artisans in one convenient location. When I'm not buying starts or large quantities, it's an easy bike ride down Capitol. I appreciate their incredible hard work and dedication to provide the most nutritious, organic, freshly harvest produce available. It's totally worth your time and effort to head down to the market next weekend.

Hopefully, I'll see you there!

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