What is RESTART?


It's literally one of the most powerful tools out there for you to make more informed choices about the foods you eat and how and why they are beneficial.  it's also the best option for taking a real break from sugar for 3 weeks because of the support, education, and cookbook this class provides.


This 5 week class is an awesome blend of accurate nutrition information, interesting discussions, and a different fruit-infused water to sample each week.

I understand that schedules are hectic and life is full and this time in the evening doesn't work for your schedule. 

I have another option for you - 


*  organize 5+ of your besties/family members 

you receive the class free of charge.


You and I can customize all 5 classes to work for everyone in the group - even if we don't meet at the same time and day each week. 

It's relaxing and easier for you and your peeps. 

I'm open to other creative options as well - I can come to you and your group - at your church, for example.  


Hit me up with your ideas - I'm all ears.  ​​


RESTART has helped thousands of people across the US improve their health through food.


Here are a few success stories from class participants:



Participating in RESTART feels great!  It's a challenge that is so good for your body and mind.  Working on getting healthy while doing this with friends makes it good for the soul.

Roz, Olympia


I think the biggest change in my health so far is my reduced amount of pain in my feet and knees - most likely due to reduced inflammation. I cannot tell you how nice it is to be almost pain free when I walk. I got so used to the pain, but now realize how it impacted my ability to truly enjoy my time outside.   

Roni, Tumwater


This class taught me changes to my diet could have life changing impacts on my health.

Dave, Olympia


I feel so clear-headed and my blood sugar handling has evened out.  I didn't mind losing some extra weight either.

Tiffany, Olympia


I'm very glad I took this class because not being bloated throughout the day was HUGE for me.  It will stick with me forever. 

Alex, Lacey


Need more info? Visit https://therestartprogram.com. 


Contact me to schedule a private class with your friends so you get the class for FREE! 

Register for the May class today!

This video shows Tom Lowe sharing his personal experience with the RESTART class.
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 Due to the pandemic, ALL CLASSES are only available via ZOOM

A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner is trained to evaluate your nutritional needs and make recommendations for dietary changes and nutritional supplements.

A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner is not trained to provide medical diagnoses, and no comment or recommendation should be construed as being a medical diagnosis.   

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